sv Escape is a fast passage maker.  She is a First 47.7.  With her Farr pedigree  she moves gently through the waves and keeps complete control in all situations.  She is easy on the eyes and offer spacious living.

sv Escape has the cruising setup with the four cabin lay-out.  She measures 14,5 m from toe to heel with a beam of 4.5 m.  Her draft is 2,3 m and displaces 12 tonnes.  Her hull speed is 9.3 knots.

We had many discussions if we should find ourselves another boat to carry us to new horizons.  The internet will return millions of hits if you google  ‘blue water cruising yacht‘. The opinions are many, but conclusions are few.  For us, the decision came easy once we nailed down the must have, need to have and nice to have.

Safety landed on the top of the must-have.  In an offshore yacht, safety is a strong, well designed and built boat.  Safety is the quality of critical equipment on board.  Speed and performance to avoid weather systems or to tack up a lee shore is safety.  Above all, your own knowledge of the boat, your trust in her, you knowledge on how she  handles in all situations is the pinnacle of safety.  sv Escape is safe and we trust her.

So, we decided for now to skip the nice-to-have.  Skip the doghouse we will wish we had on long night watches, skip the retractable keel and skip the aluminium no-maintenance hull and deck.

We will add more information on the boat as we progress and prepare her for her next 10 years with the need-to-have.

sv Escape has the four cabin lay-out

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Germán · 21/10/2019 at 04:48

It’s a magnificent ship!!

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