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We aim to tailor the participation to what we imagine you want your options to be.  Give us feedback with your wants or wishes and we will adjust.

The obvious and easy choice is to run by our Patreon page and sign up.  We have limited our Patreon tiers to three.  In these three levels, you can participate either as a fun supporter, an apprentice yachtie or as an all in Escape-West Patreon with access to all information and eligible to win a free passage on sy Escape.

sy Escape – North Sea thrill

For those of you that wants to partake more actively, additional to being a Patreon, we offer ‘on the water’ participation.  Please check out our itineraries and see if any of this can be aligned to your own schedule.

On the water participation is real participation where you enter as a crew and partake in all aspects of a crossing, from planning, preparations, the crossing and debriefing / learning.  It is a hands on practical use of all available tools with our guidance and advisory.

Please get in contact with us by using the form below.  Write a little about yourself, why you want to come and what you can contribute with.  We run a happy ship and that is the sum of all on-board.  Any skills you may have in mechanics, electronics, video, social media, IT etc is greatly appreciated.  We will follow up with a skype interview to get to know you somewhat more and outline all details of participation

Love to hear from YOU in the comments below or just e-mail us at


BETI · 05/10/2019 at 00:00

Hi, me and my friend gonna sail soon in Mediterranean and we are looking for boat to cross Atlantic ocean. We are Polish. I am a nurse, can sew, paint (not only art :), Piotr is an engineer, competent crew first degrees inland skipper, motorboat helmsman, licence diver. I hope that we interested you, so soon we’re looking forward to hearing from you.

    dhoiland · 10/10/2019 at 23:19

    Hi Beti, good to hear form both of you. Please e-mail on and then we take it from there. Our plan is to get the boat ready by 1st half of December and then cross the Atlantic, stopping over in Cape Verde for Christmas. Hope to hear from you.. rgards Theresa, Vetle and Dag

Santiago · 24/09/2019 at 17:51

We are a couple who love the sea and sailing, she is a designer and I am a musician. We want to cross the Atlantic. We liked your project and especially that you are a family. We would love to share experiences with you.
We hope you like it
Regards Santiago and Julieta

    dhoiland · 27/09/2019 at 20:07

    Hi Santiago and Juliet, Thx for contacting us. We are progressing and preparing for the crossing and look for persons that may join us. Please reply us on to exchange som more information and hopefully have a phone, facetime or something soon. Regards, Theresa, Vetle and Dag

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