What are our home-waters when we keep moving?  sy Escape has her home-port in just outside Stavanger on the SW coast of Norway.  This is our jump-off point for all our trips.  We like it for all the options we get.

Make no mistake about it, Stavanger is on the Norwegian west coast.  Stavanger is where the landscape changes from smooth naked south coast rocks to a rough west coast shaped by the North sea.  A coast loved for its beautiful scenery and known for strong wind and choppy seas.  Growing up here makes you love weather and miss the smell of saltwater.

For week-end sailing we head NE and within 30 minutes, we sail between islets, islands, fjords and lagoons for anchoring.  A lifetime of sailing in these waters have taught us where to anchor in a NV gale or a SE breeze.  We know where the evening sun stay up until midnight in the summertime and where the party never stop.

If we head west, we have four options after one hour.  Continue dead west on a close  starboard reach and see the Orkney islands raising from the horizon after 250 nm,  beat NV and visit the Shetlands after 200 mn, go north on a port beam reach and marvel at the fjords and Lofoten after 350 mn or run downwind and head for the sun in Denmark, Sweden or Baltics.

sy Escape has tried it all and that is why we look for new horizons.