This is about how a small family trade off a safe, regular and comfortable life for a different family life.  We want an alternative way to bring up our son.   We want to spend time together.  We want to share with our followers through social medias.

Our pledge to you is that we shall publish our progress.  We shall publish our decisions and mistakes.  We shall publish facts on cost, equipment performance, supplier performance and maintenance.  We shall publish DIY on everything we will do ourselves.  Ahhh, sure there will be diving, beach-to-beach and fun stuff also.

We have read blogs, browsed sailing communities and checked out yachties on YouTube.  There is a lot of beach-to-beach, lots of two-piece, parties and we enjoyed it for a while.  After some time we realised we did not get answers to our questions.  What did ‘it’ cost?  What maintenance skills should we have?  When do I know we are prepared?  What do you do when yachting life becomes regular and boring?

YOU decide how you want to follow us.  www.escape-west.com is our homepage.  Here we will run our Blog and share details for download.   

Escape West is our YouTube channel for fun, DIY and sailing videos.

Our Patreon page are for those of you that want to become patrons.  Our patron rewards include merchandise, ‘cruise with us’ opportunities and detailed check-lists and fact-sheets from our DIY videos.  Check it out


We are excited to hear from you