2020 itinerary

We put out the itinerary for 2020 already, because we know persons want to join and need to plan for their participation.   This may be refined and adjusted as we progress.  Keep updated.  

Crewing; There are opportunities for crewing on all legs.  Duration of each leg is indicated.  Crew sign on/off according to agreement.  One should arrive the boat at least 48 hours before departure.

There are available one double cabin aft and one double (bunk) cabin on starboard side.  Check out the ‘join us‘ tab to see how to get in contact with us or simply send an e-mail on escape@lyse.net.

  • January 2nd, 2020; sy Escape starts 2020 season
  • Leg 1 – to Cape Verde (5.5 day crossing); We are leaving Las Palmas after preparing boat and crew for the Atlantic crossing.  All on board must be acquainted with the boat, its safety systems and know how to operate sy Escape.  Las PAlmas is also the place to provision anything that will store long time.  We will arrive Mindelo / Sao Vincente in the Cape Verde on January 7-8.  Here we will stay the week allowing for replenishing fresh food and explore the archipelago.  There is also opportunity for crew change on this stopover.
  •  Leg 2 – to Chaguaramas / Trinidad (13 day crossing);   Leaving Mindelo about January 13th, will take us to the crossing of 2.200 nm.  It should be achievable in 13 days.  We will then arrive Trinidad on 24-25th of January.  We must make sure to arrive inside office hours of the customs office.  By this time of year, the trade winds have established themselves so we should expect downwind sailing of about 20-30 knots.  Brilliant conditions for sy Escape to stretch wings and comfortably fly.  All crew will have duties on the crossing with amble private time.
  • Crew can only depart 24 hours after customs clearance is finished, but of course staying on to explore Trinidad is the best option 
  • sy Escape will most probably at the end of January haul out in Trinidad for maintenance and storage