We dont plan too much, but it is good to know where to put up the boat in Gran Canary preparing for the January 2020 crossing. We needed to know where we would put up sy Escape after our 2019 season.

Pasito Blanco, Gran Canaria

We browsed all the internet, checked out with persons we know and ended up choosing Pacito Blanco on the SW ‘corner’ of Gran Canaria. It was easy to make contact and the staff is really service minded. That we appreciate !

The harbour has all the facilities we look for. There is a nearby golf course and beach. Deep sea fishing and great for kiting. It is a quiet place, but Maspalomas is only 10 minutes by car and the big city is just a drive away.

Our reservation is from September 1st until end of 2019. By then, we have prepared for our crossing

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