It hit us yesterday breakfast time. Hit like too much red hot chili peppers.

It is one year since we put out the ‘it is time‘ post. We had to re-read it to see what in the world drove us to draw up the homepage – let alone go forward, set a departure date, dismantle the boat, melt 3 credit cards in the process and – yes and – tell family and friends of our plan with no plan.

All asked why? Good we also asked that question and even put words to it. Now we have the initial post to reflect back and remind ourselves.

Uncertainty. Yeah, easy to explain why we would seek that, but we do. The good uncertainty that comes from reaching new horizons without too much planning. The uncertainty one cannot explain to others unless they themselves seek it. And on it goes. Cold, wet, hungry and tired.

Now we read the whole internet. Bought books and smiled at other persons experience. We will do it differently. The boat is almost ready. Our friends will understand our no-plan plan. Family will not be concerned and our used-to-be-long-haired son will be a schooled young world traveler. Well, he will.

And here we are one year later in the middle of a sandstorm of to-to lists, shopping lists, do not forget list, please forget list, phone lists. We tried all the to-do apps for our phones, so now we share lists, add to each others lists and look the lists on TV. None of which does any good. We have list of lists and really long lists. The take-away is that sharing lists make them longer and more complicated. We skipped it all. Now we are back to yellow stickers and throw them as we tick of to-do.

It is good though. It is good to have a firm departure date. It is good our friends and family realize that the no-plan plan is going to happen. Most of all, weekend breakfasts looking at the world map in our living room, talking about where we want to go, what we want to see. Best of all are all the nautical miles inn front of us and only one year behind us. That is the best.

It is like Red Hot Chili Peppers – Walkabout (without any permissions)

I think I’ll go on a walkabout
And find out what it’s all about
And that ain’t hard
Just me and my own two feet
In the heat I’ve got myself to meet

A detective of perspective
I need to try and get a bigger eye, open wide
Blood wood flowers in my gaze
Walkabout in a sunny daze
To me now
On a walkabout

Keep on seeking out the uncertain with a no-plan plan

Theresa / Dag

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