You have probably seen it. The guys – yes mostly guys – in their red trousers strolling dockside. Occasionally the red trousers are accompanied with a navy blue sweater over the shoulders. Smooth, but there is a thing to wearing red trousers on the dockside. They signify that you have crossed the Atlantic on a sail boat.

So, while looking for a give-away to the ones that wanted to get in on a 2019 crossing (here) we decided on a red caps with our Escape-west logo embroidered on the side. Swanky.

So, we are introducing the ‘pre-atlantic-crossing‘ red cap for the Atlantic crossing wannabees or for those of you that has it on your bucket-list.

the Escape West red cap

We are looking for persons that want to come on one or several of our 2019 crossings. We still have space on-board for the cruise down the Irish Sea in the beginning of July (2019/Leg 3) and the crossing from Kinsdale to Porto in mid July (2019/leg 4). There are two double cabins still available at time of writing.

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