2019 itinerary

We now update the 2019 itinerary, and it is firming up but it may be fine tuned according to crew wishes.

Initially, we wanted to go Stavanger – Faroe Islands and then straight for North of Portugal.  However, the likelihood for a 900 nm beating into the North Atlantic persuaded us to go the traditional routing.  Stavanger, Caledonean, Irish Sea and then North of Portugal.

Crewing; There are opportunities for crewing on all legs.  Duration of each leg is indicated.  Crew sign on/off according to agreement.  One should arrive the boat at least 24-36 hours before departure.

There are available one double cabin aft and one double (bunk) cabin on starboard side.  Check out the ‘join us‘ tab to see how to get in contact with us or simply send an e-mail on escape@lyse.net.  

  • June 21st, 2019; sy Escape leaves Stavanger, Norway
  • Leg 1 – a north sea crossing (weekend); Stavanger, Norway to Inverness, Scotland.  That is a quick 320 nm crossing that should be done in about 40 – 45 hours.  We leave on a Friday @17:00 hrs and arrive Sunday evening before the pubs close. 
  • Leg 2 – through Scotland (weekend); We enter the Caledonean Canal for a 50 nm crossing through the Scottish Highland finishing in Fort William.  We enter Friday 28th of June and spend 2-3 days crossing.  This should leave ample time for those who wants to spend a long-weekend in the Scottish Highland with golfing and hiking opportunities.  We should arrive Fort William by June 30 which is our wedding anniversary.  
  • Leg 3 – The Irish sea (2 weeks in total); This leg will eventually take sy Escape to Kinsale Yacht Club.   Crew, wind, weather and  tides will determine the routing and timing south through the Irish Sea.  Fort William – Belfast, Belfast – Dublin, Dublin – Kinsale are spaced out nicely of about 100 nm.  Good day sailing in right conditions.  sy Escape should arrive Kinsale by July 14th.   
  • Leg 4 – Crossing to Portugal (1 week); After preparations, sy Escape will cross over to Vigo in North of Portugal.  It is about 600 mn and will take about 3,5 days.  Departure is set to July 15th, but we will leave space for crew change and provisioning.  
  • Leg 5 – The Portuguese coast (2 weeks in total); A beauty.  sy Escape will continue from Vigo, to Porto and to Lisbon as the final stopover.  We will explore the coast and adjust our travels according to what the crew decides.  We will also explore by rental car that allow us to see more of the inland of Portugal.  
     We will arrive Lisbon on August 11th, allowing us to prepare for the crossing to Madeira. 
  • Leg 6 – Crossing to Madeira (2 weeks in total); Lisbon to Madeira.  it is a 520 mn crossing that should be done in about 3-3,5 days.  It is a downwind crossing and the first where t-shirt and shorts can be tha clothing for the night watches.  sy Escape will be ready to leave Madeira by august 25th.
  •  Leg 7 – Crossing to Gran Canaria (2 weeks in total); The final leg for 2019.  Funchal, Madeira to Las Palmas, Gran Canaria is about 300 nm and should be done in 2 days.  On the way, we will pass  Selvagem Grande and Selvagem Pequeña.  sy Escape will be ready for storage in Las Palmas by September 8th.

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Dag Kåre Kverneland · 14/08/2019 at 07:32

God tur Dag. Blir spenne og følge deg på reisen.