It is time now.  Time to go, time to EXPLORE, time to LEARN and time to share.   It is not like we have not explored or learned from the previous ten years of zigzagging the North sea and Scandinavia waters, but now we need to cross new horizons together as a family.

We miss the uncertainty of heading west without anything more than a rough sketch of what to come.  We need again to be cold, wet, hungry and tired so we can marvel at the sunrise,  appreciate that tings take time and escape to meet beautiful people in great places.  It is a ying – yang thing.

We are a small family now.  Vetle our son , Theresa and myself Dag.

Theresa is from the beautiful farming land of Pangasinan in the north of the Philipines.  Being brought up there makes you a social person, teaches you the happiness of getting things done and by God – somewhere she picked up a cooking skill from another world.

Late October 2014, Vetle decided to arrive and turn a our laid back life upside down.  Always exploring, always inquisitive and with a personality growing like it is on steroids.  We love him, we love it, but wow we love when night falls and we have some quiet time.

Me – Dag, I’m Norwegian.  From the coast.  The West coast.  I grew up with the North Sea outside our  living room window.  It was not long before I pushed off to ride the waves on whatever would float.  By the time I was six, I had my first trip in a sail dinghy.  I have seen many nautical miles pass under the keel since then and that is probably why we decided to take our sailboat Escape and go West.

Our boat is a Beneteau First 47.7 named Escape.  She has carried us safely through 10 years of double handed coastal and offshore sailing.  She is a fast passage maker that moves smoothly through the seas with all the space  and comfort we need to live aboard.

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