2018 itinerary

We will have a shake-down cruise this summer and invite YOU to join us to learn to safely cruise offshore in the Viking footsteps.  For motivation and speed up your decision – check out the NRK program Vesterhavsøyene (in Norwegian)  

For each crossing we will prepare the boat, crew and the crossing itself.  You partake in all preparations using the sy Escape 1-page passage planner (1PPP), set up crew watch lists, duty lists and run through sy Escape departure check list.

Once at sea, the whole crew comes together as a team and share the offshore duties like sail trimming, watches, navigation, cooking and last but not least – private time to relax and recharge.

Leg I (week 1) start in Stavanger and continue 220 nautical miles to NW heading straight for Lerwick in the Shetlands.    About half way, we pass through the oil fields.  We will pass north of Heimdal and we will see the Frigg field in the horizon.  Soon after we cross to the UK side of the North Sea and head straight for Bard Head on the entrance to Lerwick, turn north and tie up at Albert Dock yacht harbour.  The crossing will take 24-30 hours.  We spend the rest of the week in Lerwick allowing for crew change, exploring and preparing the new crew for the 200 nm run to Torshavn in the Faroe Islands.

Leg II (week 2) starts in Lerwick and head straight for Torshavn in the Faroe Islands.  We see 200 nm of the North Atlantic pass under our keel while sharing the duties on-board.    This is a WNW starboard close reach where we let our 130% genoa and 1 reef in the main gently propel us 8-10 knots through the seas.  The Faroe islands are magnificent.  With more than 1.000 years of norse history, fantastic sceneries, bird life and gourmet restaurants, 1 week is only to taste the flavour of the islands.  We stopover for exploring and crew change, but of course departing and arriving crew can arrange to have more time in the islands.

Leg III (week 3) takes us  210 nm on a broad port reach to Fair Isles.  This is a spectacular island made for hiking and bird watching.  Famous for sheep and knitwear, so stock up on wool for the last part of the trip.  There will be no crew change in the Fair Isle.

Leg IV (week 4) is the last leg of this journey.  it is a 220 nm port beam reach all the way home and we will pass Utsira after 24 hours at sea.  Once bank in our home port, we all clean out the boat, share pictures and videos.

We love for each guest to visit Escape West homepage and share it with friends and family.  The bold and brave click ‘become patreon‘ and follow us on our continued journey and hopefully some of our guests decide to join us on future passages.

We will update with planned weeks for itinerary.  Until then, please contact us on

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